MAY 20th (Independence Cameroonaise) - Oregano potatoes & Scrambled eggs!

>> May 20, 2012


Potatoes: Cut into cubes, boiled in water and salt. Fried or Baked. Sprinkled with Oregano...
Eggs: Green & red bell peppers, Tomatoes, onions, spices & eggs.
Love you guys!


Plantain & Pork vegetable pepper soup

>> May 13, 2012


Its raining
I'm home
My shift was so long last night.

I'm on the 3rd and last floor of this building
so i can almost feel the rain thundering on my skin
Reminds me of naps at home
huge windows... wide open
Coconut trees; the view from from my bed

She knocks on the door
means dinner is ready

'Its raining
come for something warm
you'll sleep better through the night.

The word SOUP is a foundation of so many African dishes, i made this on a rainy chilly day.
Water, plantains, Pork, salt, bay leaf, vegetables, ginger, garlic, pepper. Cannot go wrong.


Stuffed Cannelloni

YUM! Stuffed cannelloni's! 
Everyone stuffs their cannelloni's differently. The heritage part of this is, my mom used to make stuffed cabbage with ground beef. I tried once and it was an epic fail 
(i'll get her to teach me when next i see her). 
Funny story; the first time my sister and i made lasagna, we forgot to par boil our pasta stripes before baking lol..So here we are, both from school, hungry as hell and wondering why its taking so long to cook. 2 hours later.. we take the tray out hoping that the center at least is done and just the top is raw; low and behold the beef and cheese sauce were dry... well... lol  there goes that... we ended up on fast food. 
How does this story relate to Cannelloni? they actually cook without being parboiled. Remember to cover them with aluminium foil tho
My Stuffing: Ground beef, chopped sausages, mushrooms, bell peppers, spring onions, tomatoes and cheese.
Tip: use the smallest measuring spoon to stuff if you don't have a bakers pipping :p

Here're pics from my process:


Oven Roasted Plantains and Eggplant dry fish dip

Its been a minute, and i do apologize. The thing is, outside of my blog life i do a lot of other things; i am making the best of my youth! :). 
This doesn't mean i will never become a professional blogger with a perfect time table.. no no i would, i'm working hard towards it so just bare with me.
This dish felt like an African snack. Its really healthy, the sauce is pretty much vegetables and the plantains were cut, salted and placed on a baking tray. 
Cameroon inspiration: Road side roasted plantains and plums..

Here's a picture of my friend Mona and her family enjoying the legendary "plantain and plum"..; that's what it looks like sold in the streets. 

The Plantains: Peel them, cut them,and place them in a baking tray (salt if desired) . Set the oven to broil, once they brown up, flip them to the other side and set to broil again. Stay close to the oven.

The Sauce: Blend half an onion, 2 tomatoes and 3/4 of an eggplant in a blender, fry it in some oil like you'll do your regular tomato sauce. 
The major difference is, we don't use any stock and u must use one bay leaf.
In another pan, place you dry fish and dry meat to boil or soften.
When your sauce is fully fried and dry, put in your boiled protein and set to low heat and let it simmer a little.  Here are few photos from my process


Tea Butter cookies. (sequel to Jasmine's baking.)

>> May 8, 2012

I just love this tea cup (i am a huge tea drinker; hot drinks in general :p).,Its really small, the whole idea of savoring every sip of tea is as dead as chivalry (not really :p). A Tim Horton or Starbucks tea cup is humongous haha right? . 
Well, enough about the tea, I got this recipe from a cookie book. Its a lot of butter with flakes of chocolate. When it gets better than this let me know, I really can't wait to bake with my niece and see the look on her face, i'll show you her picture soon. I'll copy and paste the recipe here, it is dead simple. Please check the recipe page soon ..BTW: (I like fine wood, my dad dealt in wood at one point in my childhood and so my love for wood is rooted somewhere in my past).
- The bowl, to die for 
Have a great week guys.

Gros Bisous!


Taste the Rainbow. For Jasmine with 'Pride'

>> May 1, 2012

         There's a commercial with the slogan "taste the rainbow" i have no idea what it is right now, but i'll remember it, i thought about how my cake doesn't have all the rainbow colors so its just a taste of the rainbow :).
       One weekend off work, i got into this baking spirit and i kept telling myself i was baking for Jasmine. Jasmine is my darling niece, i love her so much. When she grows up we would be baking together, which is pretty soon judging from how fast she's going. :)
       Meanwhile few friends came over after church on Sunday and we sat on pieces of cake, my one friend Nonso said "Am i baking for pride?" i said "what do you mean?" he goes: "the rainbow you know, the colours" and i said "ooooohhhh..y not"! lol. why the hell not! Its love.
So here's a cake for 'jasmine', baked with 'pride' hehe.

I used the same recipe that i usually use for plain cakes. It should be in the recipe Box of the website. However i put different flavors into the different layers of the cake. For the bottom layer i used milk chocolate bars; melted, for the pink layer i used a banana; crushed. For the yellow later, i used a drop of vanilla extract,and i put some lemon into the green layer. 
The chocolate frosting! yum!
Banana stole the show though, i swear it did. 
Happy May 1st Guys! I hope you have an awesome WORK  month with love and PRIDE!

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