Yogurt & Lemon Cake.

>> Oct 9, 2011

So, my friends know: i never bake... or at least i try to but i don't have a baker's confiance. I felt like putting a little love into something and so i decided to bake. Baking requires patience, i dont have patience. lol. so i tried to do everything slowly and finely. I followed a recipe from a book {I must say, sometimes these recipe books are crazy! #nuffsaid }. My Aunty Dora used to make yogurt cake for us when we were kids and she'd use food coloring in the cake haha. She could cook up a storm BTW. 
Well i am very proud of the turn out. The recipe called for cream or icing on the top and i used whip cream   ( because in my mind its lighter lol) and pecans on the top. The cake had the consistency of cheese cake. 


Plantains & Cat Fish stew.

I know its been a while, its school guys. This is supposed to be a post from last weekend. I have been crazy busy; but i stay loyal ( :)puts palms together in prayer mode) lol. Well, I boiled the ripe plantains and: -----Does anyone remember Njangsang (LAWD! i know i spelled that wrong.) lol but its a spice that looks like peanut. We crush it and use it to make fish stew; with fresh fish of course. In case anyone forgot i have a picture of it here in my hand :) lol.

*A few things about it*
-You have to fry it in a pan to dry it before you can crush it, that makes it easy
-I have noo idea where it comes from sorry lol.
*How to apply it to your food*
-When you are frying your tomatoes and onions, add it to the sauce and let it cook with the mixture. :)... crushed of course. 


Dodo & Ndole.

>> Oct 8, 2011


Me : I have a question for you
Your mind : Who is she talking to
Me : You, far away from Cameroon, looking forward to going back, starring at my blog and coming up with an idea for your next dish
Your mind : this girls' crazy
Me : Do i make you hungry or awaken your appetite for something you haven't had in a while.... or just make you remember home.
Your mind : In fact i am closing this browser..
Me : My target is to remind you of your roots. Any thing else is a human urge, deal with it :) lol J/K
(Why did i just type that?)

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