Sweet Potatoes, Spinach and Short bones

>> Jan 25, 2012

SEE RECIPE HERE. The only sweet potatoes i found in Canada are orange and soft, like really soft. Its commonly used as baby food when its boiled. This year i found Cameroonian sweet potatoes at the grocery store, hence its repetitive presence on DMC. Well, here we have boiled sweet potatoes, spinach that was sauteed with nothing but salt and your usual tomatoes and onions. I put the stems in towards the end to keep it crunchy(i hate soft veggies). Then my famous short bones(its a part of pork) easy, fast and no oil required. If you ask me this is healthy food but still very Cameroonian. 
@ Home this will be a replica of boiled yam, greens and a sauce side or chicken or something like that.
This is what a Canadian will call sweet potatoes
This is what i, A CAMEROONAIN will call sweet potatoes
Now Les enfants: Know your potatoes, don't be fooled. DMC luv :)


Oven Roasted Pork Chops, Baby potatoes and Green beans

Even with free time, its hard for us as humans to get into things that are not part of our normal routine; i know right? Human beings just lovveee routines, agree?. Its like making promises; if you've never kept any promises before its not gonna up and change one morning. Ya know!. Well this turned out to be one of my quickest and tastiest dinners. It was really easy; so much so that i would put up the recipe tonight. If you just had a really nice Manicure, this meal is for you. You'll see what i mean in the recipe. :) DMC Luv


Coconut Marble Cake

>> Jan 14, 2012

My second attempt at baking cake; Coconut cake, very light, chocolate, vanilla. Treating friends is all. :). I am sorry i don't have a recipe... high class freelancing. BTW: i dunno why my cakes have one side nipples each lol. they rose to the side. Can some baking expert explain this to me? thankx :)


Sweet Potatoes & Green beans in Kidney sauce.

>> Jan 12, 2012

Disclaimer: I know not everyone eats organ meats or Offal. If you`re one of those. Sorry *waves hand at u* More on Organ Meats Here
In Cameroon: When u go to the butcher shop to buy any kind of meat, the organs are always very little, expensive and used to make Suya(Soya); here they are sold in bulk for close to nothing.
Villa Value: In most villages in the North west of Cameroon chicken Gizzards are quite sacred; women are not allowed to eat it. Well, there's this story that a chief was supposed to hand over power to one of his sons based on respect(yeah, like that ever happens lol), but one of them came back from the States with a tray full of this chicken organ and told his father: 'for every chicken i ate, i saved the gizzard for u, just to show you how much i respect and adore you' it worked. Well,  he was made chief (i guess the joke about that is  in the states you can buy the same tray for $2 & he lied). LOL ~ smart move though.

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