KEBAB's (with beef and peppers)

>> May 15, 2011

My friend's bridal shower was yesterday, so for item 11 we did a sort of potluck....this was my cont.

Wahsed and preped.

Process shot

There is beef boiling for a bit in a small pot.once its half done i dropped in my mushrooms. Pour the stock into the veggies to shock them and give them some taste drain them again after a couple of minutes. From here the rest is easy peassy! ....everyone loveddd them. we were 10 girls so just the right number.


ERU~ Again {Du Taro}

ROOTS : This dish belongs to the BAYANGI people in the South west part of Cameroon.

Another shot
The Marmit

I just never get good pictures of this heaven :) lol
Cameroonians Fav..


The End of "Boring Salmon" - Fish Balls

I had had enough of grilled salmon and side dishes,
Boiled fish is always healthier than fried fish; (Any fish would work for this- i think :) )
Boiled the fish for not more than 3 minutes, and then i used a potato masher to crush it. Spiced with desired ingredients and shallow fried. It goes well with kale greens. you don't need a starch of any kind :)


Porridge Pototoes

I never buy potatoes when i do groceries because i don't like frying food. Whenever i do, they always go bad on me. I decided to make porridge potatoes (i think canadians would say this is a stew ...lmao: wonder how possible that is).. 
  • Peal the potatoes and chop them up, 
  • Cook tomatoes and onions like you would for an actual stew for rice.
  • When its time to put in your stock from you boiled choice of protein; i.e meat or fish or goat or whatever it is, put in your chopped potatoes as well. 
  • When your potatoes are almost there add in your choice of vegetables, spinach or African greens, whichever you please. I had some dry bitter leaves from home. so i put about a hand full...the taste together was delightful. (i mean the bitterness). 
  • Put in your crayfish if you want it to taste more African too :)...i didn't because i had goat n dry fish(that's a lot for African flavor lol)
  • This meal is very light as well---& so; easy digestion was so hard to get a good picture, sorry :)


Noodle meal.

I had just finished exams and i really wasn't in the cooking spirit.

Another Shot
On this day i actually ate one meal; which was this one. Sometimes i just don't feel like eating. Its the usual 'Mr. Noodles' with shrimp and spring onions. To keep it healthy and complete, i added sweet corn :) (its soo good) and babybel cheese; the tiny snack sizes.(When i was younger, we'll eat the cheese,and then we'd use the red shield as clay to play :) :) *cheeser* )

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