Unripe plantains, Green and Meatballs.

>> Feb 26, 2012

*  1 Boiled Unripe plantain.
*  Green, Spinach made like green. Its the same spinach recipe as the one with the short bones dish. {veggies are good for u hehe}
 *  Meatballs made from scratch, i will put up the meat balls recipe soon. Meanwhile, take it all in
 :) :) :) 


Stir Fry Vegetables (Staring cilantro) & rice.

Chicken Boobs (Breast lol.), Carrots, mushrooms, green peppers in a WOK. This was the dish of its week. lol somewhat RECIPE HERE.  


Slow cooked Jasmine rice & a T-bone grilled pork

The rice: , cooked like Jollof rice; (i honestly hope that's how jollof rice is spelled or else it'll mean i have a running typo here on DMC lol), well cooked like Jollof rice but with no heat.{ I'll put up a little demonstration on the tips and tricks page of how i do it}. To some people, it's almost impossible to make Jollof rice with jasmine grains, for fear that it's result is like mashed potatoes lol. As you can see the grains are very much Unmashed  haha.. *takes a bow* lol, thank' youuuuuu. :)
The T bone pork - cooked in a frying pan with bbq sauce & seasoning {8 minuted max :) }


A typical African.

Since this blog is about a culture showcase through food, i think it is only important to draw your attention to the real African culture once in a while as i struggle to blend my Cameroonian cuisine into Canada. 3 awesome things i recently came accross.

UPDATE: Click the link below.

* En cuisine avec coco
* African party plates
* My sister's kitchen



>> Feb 14, 2012

Its valentine's day!!! I LOVE YOU.... YES, IM TALKING TO YOU. HEHE :) GROS BISOUS!. My friend on Blogger; Minasek(Her blog:  http://www.minasek.blogspot.com/) tagged me on a St. valentine post where i was supposed to answer questions about me (all romantic questions u know: favorite love song, movie, romantic  destination etc). I Appreciate you hun, and thank you for the invite, however i decided to write a post on love pour la st. valentine which will serve the same purpose(readers getting to know my love views). 
Life is strange and love is even weirder, the only thing i know is 'you have to love at least once in your life'. Now that i am sitting here typing this, everything i wanted to say seems to have evaporated from my head. I don't have answers and maybe i don't know exactly what love is but if you do have someone in your life, married, engaged or just dating, make the best of everyday and every chance you get. 
     When u hear convicts tales, Some stole billions from companies, some millions and as little as hundreds but as far as the government is concerned they're all criminals. When a girl gets the 'whore' label, it doesn't matter to the public if it was 6 men, 10 men or 15, there's no such thing as a better hoe sadly(ppl just talk smh). If you are going to put your foot in, you might as well go all in. 
     Everyone has something to say about cheating, dishonesty or players & bla bla bla, people spend more time worrying about what will happen and forget to actually enjoy the moment they're presently in. If you are going to be so pessimistic about the future then you might as well enjoy what's left of the present. If you are one of those positively geared people(I AM!! heyyy) then enjoy the moment too because when the going gets tough your positive attitude will take care of 50% and God will take care of the rest. 
-If you still haven't gotten my point here it is plain and simple : Life is short, so if you get the chance to be in love with someone who loves you in return spend some time actually enjoying the love rather than worrying about what could happen to it. 
-In case you were going to ask me what about heart breaks etc and all that negative stuff? well if your heart and your convictions are in the right place, and you utterly love yourself things always work out.

Valentine food for my viewers: The plate above,(so many hearts eyh!), Cheese, Toast, Eggs and sausage, Custard and pecans, whip cream and coconut & alcohol chocolates.
They are all tasty on their own just like everyone is beautiful and full of love, single or dating, but eventually all the ups and down will pass & things always(like the sun is guaranteed to come out every morning) fall into place like the second photo(Smile). Everything will work out so, BE STILL; JUST LOVE.
----fly over my errors----
----Tips and tricks page is up: http://dmctt.blogspot.com/  -----


Macaroni and Broccoli sitting in the tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G..

Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. the white stuff is just laughing cow cheese. This was my tastiest dish last week. :). I made eru too but i feel like i have too many eru posts on my blog. :) RECIPE HERE


Baby potatoes and Beef onion sauce.

Really easy, taste ok. I really don't like the taste of baby potatoes; it almost feels like it is still developing lol. Safe to say i won't be using it to cook anytime soon.


Spaghetti and ground beef sauce.

I don't like pasta very much but i do know how to make it so i'll have it once in a while. Here ;)

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