Peppered Snails (Nyamangoro)

>> Aug 25, 2011

Where i come from this is Taboo!. The North will tell you only people from the dirty Southwest eat Snails. My parents don't obviously, so naturally i never grew up eating snails . 

(No offence, I love Cameroonians, North, south, east, west..Hit it!!! )
In Cameroon you won't find this on the streets of Bamenda, (except i was fooled with that fact hehe), . BHS changed that for me, it was like the best snack in boarding school days and it was Illegal, Illegal always seems more attractive :) . Raise your hand if you know what i mean.... thnx!. It is sold on sticks back home. 
This is what they look like sold in Cameroon -------------------> I stole that picture off Facebook. I don't remember who's page it was on. Forgive me and thank you. :p

Funny enough "L'escargots s'est du délicatesse".(did a say tha righ? haha) 


Steak and fried rice.

Did i say Wednesday? sorry i meant Thursday! that's today.
I get tired of rice. Its amazing what spring onions can do.
I cannot say much here...Pictures talk these days. :)


Jollof rice and Oven Grilled Chicken

>> Aug 22, 2011


 A little orange something something with clear something something spirits in (Don't judge me) . BTW this is Jollof rice without vegetables. :)

It took me forever to upload this post, This was last week. Have an awesome week guys.
No matter what u do, CHECK DMC on Wednesday.. u'll be glad u did. Thanks for visiting everyone!!! :) 


Cream of wheat(With peak milk)

>> Aug 21, 2011

This could be a desert, breakfast or a meal. Very rich in Fiber and it takes 5 mins to make. If you ever liked custard or Quaker oats then you'll love this one.  Everyone loves peak milk back home lol DMS 



In boarding school this was a luxury and illegal, enough said. Its spaghetti, eggs, salt and pepper. I just added in sausage slices, just cause i could.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I love my Alma mater.
BHS! :)


Blessing's Kitchen visits Ma Cuisine from Toronto: Teriyaki Spaghetti in Vegetables

>> Aug 16, 2011

When i started this blog, i did it for fun and because i am very proud of my culture. My motive hasn't changed and that's why everything is so casually written and explained. Meeting someone who also loves the kitchen is just refreshing. My friend had been telling me how well his sister cooks, she finally visited him; and so we had a cook off.  Blessing is Nigerian(Ibo), she not only cooks fabulous but she is extremely beautiful, has flawless skin and is filled with positive speech. It was a great experience. We exchanged little tips and tricks and we had fun making this meal, friends were home too. Thanks again my dear, hope u visit again soon and hope Dans Ma Cuisine has more visitors. :). {I will upload pics from that day if i find any!. Bisous Bisous}


Eggs in Tomatoes xoxo

>> Aug 13, 2011

                                           White Bread(not toasted). and scrambled eggs in tomatoes. :)

In Cameroun (Douala precisely) Bread and egg is a child's early morning ticket to school. Add anything else to it but it never gets old.



Par-boiled rice and Fried meat stew

>> Aug 2, 2011

           I went to this Indian restaurant in Ottawa with my brother(sid) a while ago, and they served their beef stew with so many pieces of meat, the chinese do that too at Hiroba. A vegetarian will piss off at the sight of the plate haha, just saying. Well that's what inspired my presentation. I did take pictures of the process too so you will get the recipe to this one as well.
           The white dishes are the cutest thing ever. They are sooo tiny, they make u eat less. I did not measure but just to give you an idea, from the pic below the width is about half the length of my cutlery. yeah..that small :)


Dodo and Beans.

Dodo is the Cameroonian Term for fried ripe plantains. Dodo is Kevin's(my brother) fav thing in the whole world. His wife better grow a couple of trees behind her house. This is a real Cameroonian plate. I did not make the beans, my friend did. it tasted great. I have nightmares about beans due to a constant feed in boarding school. (ask any ex students of Baptist schools' ; Saker or BHS) They fed us beans in every way and with everything: in cornchaf, with plantains, with rice..LAWD!. 
BOTTOM LINE : eating Beans with Ripe plantains is eating beans the right way. :) <3 <3


Meat Pie.(Baked)

 One of those weird cravings with extra time on your hands. i took the pictures in a bad mood haha #confession. If the situation was different, i would have like them on a picnic cloth in a small basket :)... i love pretty its always good.
- In the pie there is Carrots, boiled eggs, potatoes and Lean ground beef.
-The crust is butter, flour and salt
-Sesame seeds for flavor( idea stolen from my mama) and look too.
-The shine is egg yolk. 


Fufu $ okra(with goat meat and dried cod)

I actually took pictures of my okra process. So i will post the recipe and how to when i have time. I made this sometime last week. Posting is becoming a full time job for me; i am soo lazy...LAWD!

 I must confess though, probably one of the best okra soups i have made....i put some lurv into it ;) hehehe

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