Taste the Rainbow. For Jasmine with 'Pride'

>> May 1, 2012

         There's a commercial with the slogan "taste the rainbow" i have no idea what it is right now, but i'll remember it, i thought about how my cake doesn't have all the rainbow colors so its just a taste of the rainbow :).
       One weekend off work, i got into this baking spirit and i kept telling myself i was baking for Jasmine. Jasmine is my darling niece, i love her so much. When she grows up we would be baking together, which is pretty soon judging from how fast she's going. :)
       Meanwhile few friends came over after church on Sunday and we sat on pieces of cake, my one friend Nonso said "Am i baking for pride?" i said "what do you mean?" he goes: "the rainbow you know, the colours" and i said "ooooohhhh..y not"! lol. why the hell not! Its love.
So here's a cake for 'jasmine', baked with 'pride' hehe.

I used the same recipe that i usually use for plain cakes. It should be in the recipe Box of the website. However i put different flavors into the different layers of the cake. For the bottom layer i used milk chocolate bars; melted, for the pink layer i used a banana; crushed. For the yellow later, i used a drop of vanilla extract,and i put some lemon into the green layer. 
The chocolate frosting! yum!
Banana stole the show though, i swear it did. 
Happy May 1st Guys! I hope you have an awesome WORK  month with love and PRIDE!


Tina Bk May 1, 2012, 1:43:00 PM  

These layers came out perfect! I like the flavors that you put in each layer-no doubt it tastes amazing. I have a hard time doing the rainbow thing with a round cake layers, but your method of using a loaf pan does make it easier. Also, I like the colors together rather than separated with a filling. Great post!

DMC luv May 1, 2012, 7:05:00 PM  

Thank you so much Tina and nice meeting you :). The only challenge i faced was evenly spreading the batter into the loaf pan for each color. Separating with filling was my idea when i got the chocolate frosting but i liked how it turned out, so i scratched that.. Bisou!!

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