Vegetable medley Chili

>> Mar 30, 2012

Very healthy and comforting; full of vegetable and protein. This week must have been the worst week I've had in my twenties(j'exagere), sorry i haven't uploaded the recipes to the last posts. I am always in the positive lane of life but you know sometimes the red light takes forever to change to green even in this lane....but green light is always a guarantee IJN ;). I will make sure i put up the recipes over the weekend. 
kiss somebody:*


Strawberry Cake

>> Mar 24, 2012

STRAWBERRIIEESSSS!!! All the recipes i ever find on fruit cakes always have chunks of dry fruit in them or wet cooked fresh fruit, almost like a pie with more flesh.(professional bakers out there, pls don't kill me lol). But yeah i found a way online to incorporate my fruit without the chunks. SEE RECIPE Page.
That said:  
.... You can thank me now, go'head... thank me later yeah i know what i said, but later doesn't always come so instead.. #isokay! you can thank me now ;)


Mac & Cheese my way

Yup, this is Macaroni and Cheese my way. Cater to your crowd appropriately; lets just say certain visitors triggered this dish. hm hmm hmmm (Pheadra parks voice*), i mean, it tasted yummy!. Enjoy the picture, everything you need to know will be posted on the recipe page. 


Baked Fish & Fries

I love cooking but lazy days happen. 3 signs of laziness before dinner lol 
1 : I bought an order of fries from a fast food eatery
2 : I spiced my fillet, put it in a baking tray and stuck it in the oven (only checked it once to flip it)
3 : Well, my dishes always try to incorporate a vegetable and so i tossed in onions and celery with some lime, call it an onion relish. [If you are worried about the stank from onions cook them in water and let them dry before you stir fry & i mean, just brush. Also, in this case the lime helps]
*In boarding school, whenever people bought roasted fish, it came with pepper sauce and onions and ripe plantains etc... so lets just say this is a DMC twist on your road side dish. Bisous!*


Ripe Plantains & Mushroom Sauce

This meal was actually made from leftovers from my weekend. I had made a cream steak sauce and i was too lazy to take pictures for the blog (my apologies). In a bid to keep the cream spirit going after the weekend, i decided to make some mushroom sauce and ripe plantains. Let me point out here that little changes can make you feel like you're eating something else {ref: i never slice ripe plantains like this, so it felt like i was eating something different}. Meat balls- Leftovers. :)


Chicken Breast Kebabs.

Kebabs 'on a Bed of' boiled Jasmine rice with soy sauce. (The phrase in red? i feel like all cooks on tv use it. I prolly used it wrong too. But what's a food blog without a famous cook's phrase huh.. o whatever!! i just wanted to use the phrase lol)

Making Kebabs makes for quick meals. If you do decide to make kebabs, just choose a protein that cooks fast; say steak, or chicken breast. I didn't plan this dish, sooo i had to make use of what i had.. cucumber... While putting it on the roast sticks i was like this should turn out yummy...but ummm really?...reallly? just don't use cucumbers on kebabs. lol stay true to the usual bell peppers and onions and mushrooms and maybe pineapples. My seasoning was pretty easy. please check the recipe page for it.
Also, i just used my oven; works perfectly. All you need to do is Flip the sticks! :*


Baked potatoes, Chicken breast and cabbage

>> Mar 9, 2012

Oven baked potatoes, Chicken breast and cabbage (a little joke: i know someone who calls cabbage Garbage..and she isn't making a joke when she does. lol :) hahaha.)  WOKED lol. Explicit Recipe Here. Have a great weekend guys.


Salmon, Dodo & Asparagus

*It was really hard to get a good picture this day; i think it was too sunny or my Camera was just not in the mood (yup! in case u didn't know; machines and toys have feelings... give them some luv :) {if u doubt me, watch toy story 1 & 3... 2's just meh. lol} I am not in a good mood today hope i am doing a good job of masking it. lol ... 
*Here we have salmon made a little oil, asparagus and dodo. 
Like i said in my previous post. Explicit RECIPE HERE


Banana Cake. (Perfect go!)

I have tried many recipes to banana cake; here is my perfect go. This recipe is from another blogger, i posted it on the recipe page and i put all the steps there as well.  The cake turns out moist, fluffy and soft. 3 bananas are used too.

 I added in nuts because of Zippy. (who is Zippy? you must be wondering). First, she is an exceptional young woman who inspires me in many ways for various reasons. She makes the best cakes too {The best Pound cake goes to my Aunty Mary tho}.. Zippy always has some sort of nuts in her cakes, I'll have to make her give me her recipe... even tho i know it comes to her naturally lol.

i Know it looks burnt but it ain't yo. lol . BTW i know its been a while and you missed me, so here : GROS BISOUS!! ;)

RECIPE HERE: Recipes now have more pictures.

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